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  1. Capital goods?
  2. Application for Tax Credit
  3. Amended return
  4. Tax to be withheld on advertising agency?
  5. Guide in filling-out BIR Forms (1601c/1601e, 1702q/1702, 1604)
  6. Self Employed Professional
  7. Purchases - Input VAT?
  8. late withholding of tax...
  9. Data Entry Job (Homebased)
  10. VAT remittance: Clarification Needed
  11. DEED OF SALE: VAT-inclusive or not?
  12. VAT and NON-VAT IT Company
  13. help! filling out bir form 2550M
  14. Ammending Annual Income Tax Return
  15. how to compute tax income
  16. How to compute expanded withholding taxes on VATABLE and Non-VATABLE sales/services?
  17. Tax for Doctors In-Patient Fees
  18. 2012 Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) due on April 15, 2013
  19. Taxes that are Deductible against Income Tax Payable in the Philippines
  20. Barangay Micro Business Tax Exemption
  21. Zero-rated VAT
  22. Do I have to Register this as a business
  23. Who are not required to file Income Tax returns in the Philippines?
  24. Taxes in the philippines
  25. Top Individual Taxpayers in the Philippines for Tax Year 2011
  26. List of BIR Accredited Tax Practitioners in the Philippines
  27. List of BIR Authorized Printers of Receipts and Invoices in the Philippines
  28. What tax type should I belong?
  29. BIR Online ATP (Authority to Print) System
  30. Official receipts and invoices to expire on June 30, 2013
  31. Professionals will soon be required to show ITR when renewing license with PRC
  32. E Submission on bir.gov.oh
  33. Can we compel suppliers not to add Input VAT on all our purchases?
  34. Withholding Tax from an earner without a TIN
  35. Government agencies with directly contracted workers as job orders
  36. 40% optional standard deduction
  37. Computations on Tax Due (Quarterly Income Tax Return)
  38. Common Taxes Paid by Self-employed Individuals to the BIR
  39. Income Tax Rate Table for Individual Taxpayers in the Philippines
  40. Common Taxes Paid by Corporations to the BIR
  41. Rules on Registration of Manual Books of Accounts (BIR RMC 82-2008)
  42. What are the requirements in the cancellation of TIN?
  43. Official receipts and sales invoices - what to use?
  44. How much to be withheld from a consultant fee?
  45. Wrong Return
  46. non VAT to VAT registered
  47. What other deductions on 1701 if you opt for itemized deductions?
  48. retainer's fee
  49. 2550m
  50. withholding tax
  51. Estate Tax and Donor's Tax
  52. Issuance of Official Receipts
  53. Fixed Representation and transportation allowance
  54. BIR treatment on Official Receipts
  55. BIR Form 1702AIF
  56. Joint Venture Agreement - Taxation and accounting treatment
  57. Where to download BIR Forms?
  58. VAT or Non-VAT?
  59. Sample Quarterly Income Tax Computation in the Philippines
  60. My TIN was suddenly cancelled, I was advised by RDO to get a new one
  61. Computation of Penalties for Late Filing of BIR Tax Returns
  62. additional qualified dependent - BIR reporting
  63. CPA certification requirements in filing Income Tax Return
  64. Top suggestions to improve the tax system in the Philippines
  65. Question on withholding tax on rent
  66. Revenue memo circular no 35--2006 vat treatment on freight forwarders
  67. pre-requisite for donation
  68. Transfer of BIR registration to another RDO
  69. VAT issues
  70. Inventory List of Unused or Expired Receipts & Invoices - BIR Form
  71. No extension for July 15 income tax second installment deadline
  72. List of tax blogs in the Philippines
  73. Zero Rated Purchases - PEZA certified Company
  74. Penalty for failure to register business with the BIR
  75. Penalty for failure to refund excess taxes withheld on compensation
  76. Should online freelancers pay taxes in the Philippines?
  77. How to get official receipts from the BIR
  78. How to reduce income tax in the Philippines legally?
  79. Question on quarterly income tax preparation
  80. Is my salary subject to VAT, percentage tax and quarterly income tax?
  81. Non-Vat Registered company to BOI Registered manufactuiring exporter
  82. Withholding tax on employees who are minimum wages
  83. Deadline of filing quarterly income tax return in the Philippines
  84. Extension of validity of Official Receipts until October 31 BIR RMC 52-2013
  85. Taxpayers Obligations in Relation to Online Business Transactions - RMC 55-2013
  86. Withholding tax on interest income from related party
  87. Requirements on surrendering unused receipts and invoices to BIR
  88. Is percentage tax deductible for income tax computation?
  89. How to compute for billing with VAT and withholding tax
  90. Bank Secrecy, Anti-Money Laundering and Taxation
  91. Independent Consultant Questions: New to the industry.
  92. Difference between input tax, withholding tax and expanded withholding tax?
  93. Top Individual Taxpayers in the Philippines for 2012
  94. Annual and Quarterly Tax Computation for Freelancer with 40% OSD
  95. Income tax deductible donations
  96. Application to Use Loose Leaf book of accounts
  97. Tax Problem
  98. Filling up 1701 fields and questions
  99. How to Get Accounting (bookkeeping) Training
  100. interest expense
  101. what are the required tax form for gravel and sand business?
  102. HELP!!! Employee TIN tagged as Single Proprietorship in BIR
  103. Withholding taxes for foreign consultants/services
  104. is letter of audit from bir still valid after 3 years from the date it issued
  105. Fresh cut bank instrument (bg/sblc/lc/dlc/mtn) for lease
  106. Late ATP Application for Other Commercial Documents
  107. What should foreign buyers know about China's VAT
  108. zero-rated sales
  109. Consultant vs Regular Employee Tax
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  112. Tax Exemption - Company under ITH(PEZA)
  113. How to Journalize Creditable Income Tax Withheld - for self employed consultant
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  115. Urgent HELP for Quarterly Tax DEADLINE TOMORROW!
  116. Penalty for late claiming of printed consultancy receipt?
  117. Tax Dependents
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  121. PLS HELP with ITR (home-based subcontractor)
  122. How do I pay taxes if I am foreigner living in Phillipines and doing online marketing
  123. Help for Monthly Percentage Tax Return - Newly Registered
  124. Yes or no? (percentage tax)
  125. BIR problem
  126. 1701Q item 35 taxable income previous quarter and Item38C tax payments previous qtrs
  127. CWT for Shuttle Services
  128. BIR Forms to file for a Non-VAT Taxpayer
  129. internet shop business - cost of service vs. other deductions
  130. Certificate of annual gross income
  131. corporate quarterly tax returns
  132. Serious Question: Why should I pay my quarterly income tax?
  133. Buy your Passports, Driver license,ID cards,Visa,green card, credit cards and many
  135. Filing Amended Tax Returns
  136. Tax requirements for Filipino sole proprietors and independent professionals